Neodymium Rare Earth Countersunk Cup/Pot Magnets

The pot magnet is versatile so that it is appropriate for various industrial applications. The typical applications are fixture positioning, sign and banner holders, emergency light holders, tool bases, etc.


Neodymium Rare Earth Countersunk Cup/Pot Magnets

Brand Name

Jin Tong


Neodymium magnet + 304 stainless steel cover


D16mm - 75mm

Pull Force

5kg - 162kg


50 pcs



The pot magnet consists of a small metal cup containing a neodymium rare earth magnet. This cup magnet in a steel pot has a countersunk borehole and can be fastened with a countersunk screw. Our customers use thousands of them in the lighting industry, shopfitting, in mechanical engineering and construction, as well as metal construction. It is also very popular for home use. We also carry this pot magnet with cylindrical borehole. 

Neodymium Countersunk Pot Magnets

Just screw into a non-metal surface and attach metal items to the magnet.

Organise your tools in a safe and secure manner.

Ideal for holding kitchen utensils, gardening, mechanical and handyperson tools.

Secures metal objects in place with easy removal or replacement.

Easy to install, easy to use a practical magnetic product.

Secures to a wooden surface using a suitable screw.

Neodymium Cup Magnets

Uses for neodymium countersunk pot magnets:

These versatile magnets are used in many commercial and industrial applications such as keeping doors open or closed, cabinetry, holding, fixing, attaching objects to walls, ceilings, vehicles or any ferrous metallic object or surface. Our mounting magnets are high strength rare earth magnets in a mild steel cap for extra protection against chipping or cracking. They are single sided magnets which can be easily attached to non magnetic surfaces without damaging the surface.

Countersunk Cup/Pot Magnets

How to separate magnet from stack magnets?

Rare Earth Countersunk Cup/Pot Magnets

-Slide one magnet off the top of the stack 

-Lift and tilt top magnet away 

-Lift the magnet to free it from the stack

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