• Positive Charity Event:  Donating Money And Donations
    Post time: 04-09-2019

    Donate Money And Donations For Education  February 8th, Jintong Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. went to Shipo Village to carry out donation assistance activities, donated tables, chairs, file cabinets, air conditioners,schoolbag and other office supplies for the village kindergartens, an additional...Read more »

  • Charity event: Consolation of the nursing home
    Post time: 04-09-2019

    visits nursing home Jintong magnet (28th Jan 2019)visits with some revolutionary predecessor of the nursing home care center at Huguan town, which were sent more than 80 copies of milk, porridge and other food.   Read more »

  • New Applictaion :Magnet for Camera
    Post time: 12-20-2018

    Customized Magnet for Camera This type magnet use for attaching the camera onto wall  or any other plastic /wooden surface. According your produce weigh, we can customized the magnet size or magnet shape for u. normal is bar countersunk magnet /bar double countersunk magnet/disc countersunk magne...Read more »

    Post time: 11-27-2018

    We Will Attent CWIEME BERLIN As we all know, there will be a international one of the Neodymium Magnet trade fair which is called CWIEME  in Berlin between 21-23 May 2019. If you are going to attent this fair, we will be there in our stant. (Location : Hall 1.1 , 11C14) We will be very appreciat...Read more »

  • Post time: 08-10-2018

    The Gauss of NdFeB ≠ Pull Force of Neodymium Magnet Many customers will ask how many Gauss of this magnet and how much weigh of staff it can lift up under this gauss value. There is also a similar unprofessional questions ,how much magnetic force the magnet 3000 Gauss has. I wanna to tell you ,th...Read more »

  • How to Describe Specifications of Countersunk Magnet
    Post time: 08-04-2018

    How to Describe Specifications of Countersunk Magnet Countersunk Magnet,use the “D”denoted the diameter of outside big ring magnet,and the “H”denoted the height of outside big ring magnet. Use the “d1”denoted the diameter of countersunk ,and “d2”denoted the diameter of inner ring,  sometime wi...Read more »

  • How to Calculate the Pull Force of Neodymium Magnet
    Post time: 08-03-2018

    How to Calculate the Pull Force of Neodymium Magnet Speaking  of  the magnet attaching force, people will confused that how much  of the pull force of the neodymium  magnet (powerful magnet)? Can the pull force of the magnet be calculated?And how?   According to the powerful magnet encyclopedia: ...Read more »

  • Post time: 07-24-2018

    NdFeB is an alloy of Pu’er metal, boron iron, etc. It belongs to the third generation rare earth permanent magnet material. It has the advantages of high magnetic energy product, high coercivity and high energy density. It is the best cost-effective magnet and honor the “magnetic king. R...Read more »

  • Bonded NdFeB Magnet Sales Market Analysis 2018
    Post time: 04-25-2018

    Bonded NdFeB Magnet Sales Market Analysis 2018   The Bonded NdFeB Magnet Sales market is expected to increase due to growth in GDP per-capita, international tourism, etc. Yet, the market faces some challenges such as, global economic downturn, high probability of terror attack, etc. The glob...Read more »

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