How to Describe Specifications of Countersunk Magnet

How to Describe Specifications of Countersunk Magnet

Countersunk Magnet,use the “D”denoted the diameter of outside big ring magnet,and the “H”denoted the height of outside big ring magnet. Use the “d1”denoted the diameter of countersunk ,and “d2”denoted the diameter of inner ring,  sometime will be mark the Countersink angle withstand of “t”


Speaking of countersunk magnet , maybe you will feel strange, then let me give a few examples to recall your memory.


On the toys of the children at home, especially those robots, there are some big screws on them. Although they think it should be easy to screw

them down, it’s really hard to uninstall actually. It seems that there is something in it. Like a strong pull force . That is a round neodymium magnet with countersunk.the countersunk magnet have a double protection.




Common types of  countersunk magnet:

rounded countersunkmagnet, block countersunk magnet.



A 2D drawing of a countersunk hole magnet as bellowed for your ref:

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Ring (D=10mm   H=2mm  )

Countersunk( d1=6mm  d2=3mm   thickness=0.5mm OR chamfer=45° )

2D drawing of countersunk magnet-jintong magnet2018.08.04JT-Countersunk magnet disc magnet-1JT-Countersunk-03


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