How to Calculate the Pull Force of Neodymium Magnet

How to Calculate the Pull Force of Neodymium Magnet

Speaking  of  the magnet attaching force, people will confused that how much  of the pull force of the neodymium  magnet (powerful magnet)? Can the pull force of the magnet be calculated?And how?


According to the powerful magnet encyclopedia:

the pull force of neodymium magnet is 640 times its own weight

(the same specifications but different performance, the times will have a litter different),

that is, it can absorb 640 times its own weight stuff.


For Example:


Standard Grade: N38   Size:30*15*5mm  


  1. weight of magnet: volume × density (30mm *15mm * 5mm) × 0.0075 = 16.875g

The approximate density of N38 is about 7.5 g/cm³


  1. Pull Force of Magnet: 16.875×600=10125g

The pull force caiculated method: volume x desity x 600(times)=pull force


We can  say  that a  30 mm × 15 mm × 5 mm block neodymium magnet can lifting up about 10.125 kg of stuff.


Of course, this is only a theoretical valuation may not be accurate, accurate data must be practiced to get accurate data.


Comparison of the pull force of different magnetic materials with their own weight:

(date from Jintong Magnet 2018.08.03)

Comparison of the pull force of different magnetic materials with their own weight-JINTONG MAGNET



As can be seen from the above figure, the sintered NdFeB product is currently the most attractive permanent magnet in the world, and the product designed by sintering NdFeB is more compact, lighter and thinner.

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