In Stock:Ø8x3mm Zinc plated-N38 – 25,535pcs

In Stock:Ø8x3mm Zinc plated-N38 – 25,535pcs

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Place of origin China
Item ID S0803N
Material NdFeB
Shape Disc
Diameter 8mm
Thickness 3mm
Tolerance ±0.03mm for diamater   /thickness, ±0.1mm for width/ length
Direction of magnetisation axial (parallel to height)
Coating Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni),can be Customised  Gold, Silver, Copper, Epoxy, Chrome, etc)
Grade Customized  N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N48 N50 N52 ……
Max. Working Temperature Grade Max. Operating Temperatures
N35-N52 80°C (176°F)
33M- 48M 100°C (212°F)
33H-48H 120°C (248°F)
30SH-45SH 150°C (302°F)
30UH-40UH 180°C (356°F)
28EH-38EH 200°C (392°F)
28AH-35AH 220°C (428°F

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ndfeb magnet (23)

ndfeb magnet (22)

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