Disc Magnet 8*1mm large in stock for sale MOQ10,000pcs

Disc Magnet 8*1mm large in stock for sale MOQ10,000pcs

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 Disc Magne 8*1mm large in stock for sale

Jintong Magnet offers the highest quality magnets with consistent performance at lowest price.

Our strong magnets are designed & manufactured to meet stringent quality standards using the latest technology.

Jintong is equipped with full turnkey production line ,include highly efficient advanced sintering furnace ,strip cast machinery etc.

The neodymium magnet covers N35-N52(80℃),N35-N52M(100℃),N35-N52H(120℃),N52SH(150℃),N52UH(180℃),N52EH(200℃),N52AH(240℃),

all the magnet complies with ISO9001,MSDS,ROHS and SGS,and exported to United States,Europe,Southeast Asia and other foreign market.


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round magnet

Quantity Discount Price Chart 

Base price (small order accept) $0.208
300-999pcs $0.199
10000-above $0.195

BrMax: 14200 gauss
Approximate pull force:  0.8 lbs

Nickel-Copper-Nickel triple layer coated for durability and excellent protection against corrosion

Magnetized through the Thickness


Magnetized Direction

Jintong-25x2mm disc magnet-04


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