15*4mm N35 disc magnet for double magnet speaker MOQ3000pcs

15*4mm N35 disc magnet for double magnet speaker MOQ3000pcs

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15x4mm disc magnet for speaker

Δ Round Neodymium Rare Earth Disc Magnet Description 

Round Neodymium Rare Earth Disc Magnet Description 

Disc magnet is the most popular shape of magnet which is mainly by the diameter and thickness to determine its size. You can use small disc magnet in toy, whiteboard, wallet, education, packing box or your DIY design. Large disc magnet generally used in industry for holding tool. 
Different people have different requirement, so the disc magnet accept client’s customized. 

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Jintong disc magnet-1

disc magnet-1

disc magnet-21

 Neodymium magnet production processing

Hydrogen explosion+Jet  milling+Sintering+Hypoxia operation process

Sintered NdFeB is the most widely used rare earth/ permanent magnet material. The metallurgy powder was process  into micro-powder through special Sintering Craft. The production process includes formula design, cast string, hydrogen explosion,Jet  milling, mixing, molding,Vacuum furnace Sintering , grinding, polishing, surface treatment(coating), packaging . through the( HD+JM+LOP )craft ,the neodymium magnet was feature with  high coercivity and high working temperature.

jintong-production parameter-011

Round Neodymium Magnet Rare Earth Disc Magnets Packing  

We will do the magnetic shielding packaging when deliver magnet by express or by air, it will pass the DGM test. If the magnet is very powerful and total weight is heavy, we will suggest our client to deliver it by sea, it will more economical for them. For small disc magnet, we will use 8 inner boxes packing in a carton. There will be a plastic gasket between each magnet if the small magnet is a little difficult to separate. If the magnet is uncoated, we will use the vacuum packing. For big magnet, there will be a Plastic gasket between big magnets, it will protect the big magnet and helpful for client to separate the magnets.



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