15*4mm disc magnet for double magnet speaker

15*4mm disc magnet for double magnet speaker

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5*4mm disc magnet for speaker

Δ Round Neodymium Rare Earth Disc Magnet Description 

Round Neodymium Rare Earth Disc Magnet Description 
Disc magnet is the most popular shape of magnet which is mainly by the diameter and thickness to determine its size. You can use small disc magnet in toy, whiteboard, wallet, education, packing box or your DIY design. Large disc magnet generally used in industry for holding tool. 
Different people have different requirement, so the disc magnet accept client’s customized. 


This 15*4 mm magnet  is designed for double magnet speaker,the matched litter disc magnet is 12*2mm.

the double  magnet speaker normally need 2 size disc maagnet.the big size is 15*4mm or 15.5*4mm,and the small size is 12*2mm or 12.5*2mm.


Δ Quick Informatio

disc magnet 15x4-1


Δ Magnet Detail Picture and Magnetized

disc magnet-1disc magnet-21Jintong disc magnet-1




Coating(Surface Treatment)

Metallic Coating (Zn & Ni) 

Organic Coating(Black Epoxy)


  ΔHow to order Disc Magnet? 

Our quotation is based on your requests for magnet grade, size, coating, magnetization direction and quantity .

In order to give you our appropriate magnet for your prototype,we still need the other information from you.


Include Diameter and thickness. 

 if you can provide your drawings is much better.


Could you kindly tell us the usage of magnet?

We have N35-N52 ,their have different flux and pull force.

we will recommend the right grade for you according your usage.


Does the magnet will attaching the water or exposed in the moist air?

The normal coating is Zn and Ni-Cu-Ni three players coating,

the Ni coating have better anti-corssion and anti-oxidized performance than Zn.

the black Epoxy coating we also can do ,but ask you high MOQ


Axial or Diametrical magnetizing?  

Axially magnetizing is common. 


How many pieces you will need? 

Different requirement correspond to different prices, so we need to check this information with you clearly.  




ΔDisc Magnets Production Flow (Quality Control)  

① Neodymium magnet production processing

Hydrogen explosion+Jet  milling+Sintering+Hypoxia operation process

Sintered NdFeB is the most  widely used rare earth/ permanent magnet material. The metallurgy powder was process  into micro-powder through special Sintering Craft. The production process iludes formula design, cast string, hydrogen explosion,Jet  milling, mixing, molding,Vacuum furnace Sintering , grinding, polishing, surface treatment(coating), packaging . through the( HD+JM+LOP )craft ,the neodymium magnet was feature with  high coercivity and high working temperature.

jintong-production parameter-011

②Quality Level: 

Tight production process control:

1.Production process continues to improve

2.Raw material control& fine pick

3.Advanced production equipment

4.Manual picking Sample making Machine inspection


Configure high-end detection equipment

The development of proprietary cutting technology,advanced precision machine tight production process control allowed Jintong to remain at the forefront of neodymium magnet manufacturers.

1.Average force meter ( Milling particle size inspection)

2.Magnetization characteristic automatic measuring instrument  ( Issue demagnetization curve)

3.Magnetic testing equipment for measurements of Field Density and Field Strength

4.Hysteresisgraph for magnetic characteristic measurement


Jintong magnet Equipments 

Jintong -machine -11

Round Neodymium Magnet Rare Earth Disc Magnets Packing  

We will do the magnetic shielding packaging when deliver magnet by express or by air, it will pass the DGM test. If the magnet is very powerful and total weight is heavy, we will suggest our client to deliver it by sea, it will more economical for them. For small disc magnet, we will use 8nner boxes packing in a carton. There will be a plastic gasket between each magnet if the small magnet is a little difficult to separate. If the magnet is uncoated, we will use the vacuum packing. For big magnet, there will be a Plastic gasket between big magnets, it will protect the big magnet and helpful for client to separate the magnets.



Δ Neodymium  Magnet  Application  

  • Voice Coil Motor (VCM)
  • Magnetic Dipoles
  • Magnetic Torque Couplers/Magnetic Linear Couplers
  • Bearings
  • Sensor Magnet
  • Craft
  • Auto mobile
  • Speaker louder/speaker
  • Magnetron Magnets and Magnet Packs
  • Magnetic Mounts and Bases
  • Medical and Surgical Devices
  • Motors, Generators, and Actuators
  • Magnetic Actuation (Mechanical)
  • Magnetic Latches
  • Fixturing (Magnetic)
  • Electromagnets and Coils
  • Aerospace

Δ Our Factory

Jintong magnet founded in 1995, have 2 factories in Shanxi and Shenzhen and our exported office in Guangzhou.

we also as a Member of the Board of Directors of Shanxi Magnetic Materials Alliance.

We produce the neodymium magnet through high temperature sintering furnace and buy the rare earth magnet from our strategic partner. Stick to produce the stable performance and competitive price magnet.


 Δ Why us

1.Scale economy advantage, sharing buyer’s business risk.

Own self-built factory 35,000 square meters, 23 years of professional production experience, huge production capacity.

Good quality and cost advantage.

2.Strong Processing Ability to Meet All Customer Requirements

Jintong is equipped with advanced facilities,variety of production mold,can produce high grade of magnet N48,N52,rich experience on production

3.Strong strategic partnership of rare earths to ensure the quality and price of raw materials

The rare earths in northern China are of good quality, and the powerful Baosteel Group and Zhanjie listed group are one of our partners.

4 Processional Tech Team

Jintong R&D team consists of 3 professor-level senior engineers and 6 professional engineers. At present,it has developed 12 new products, 36 technical transformations and 18 innovative technologies. NdFeB manufacturing technology is in an advanced position in the industry.

5.Value-added Service

We can provide the professional support for our salesman is professionally trained and has the ability to solve professional knowledge.

Familiar with the characteristics of the magnet ,application of magnet, and can respond  timely.

6. Professional Package and No Worry about Transport ion

Uniform anti-magnetized package which is suitable for various transportation methods;complete .

document(MSDS;ROHS;THS)and rich operating experience to ensure smooth transportation to your door.


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