Customized Magnet with Countersunk Hole N40 Block Magnet MOQ200 PCS

Material:Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron Grade:N40 Grade. Tolerance:Standard +/-0.05mm, Min.+/-0.03mm Magnetized through the 5mm thickness, the poles are on the 25x10mm surfaces Nickel-Copper-Nickel triple layer coating for superior durability


Sintered NdFeB magnet; Neodymium Magnet.




Nickel or customized

Tolerance Size

+-0.03mm to +-0.05mm

We could make the magnet according to your designed shape and size.


Coatings for your choose:


Different coating for your selection

CoatingSurface ColourCoating ThicknessApplication Salt Spray Test
ZnBlue White
5~10 MicronsWith high anti-corrosion ability>24 Hour
NiCuNiGlowing Silver15~30 MicronsApplicable to a more harsh environment>48 Hour
EpoxyBlack10~30 Microns
Toy, insulation machinery>300 Hour
GoldGolden5~10 MicronsDecorative, healthy-care>24 Hour

Ref drawing for Countersunk hole :

drawing countersunk.png




  • These magnets are very powerful which should be handled with great care.Do not allow children to play with them unsupervised.

  • Keep the magnets away from pacemakers and magnetic storage devices such as mobile phones, bank cards and computers.


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